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20 minutes....

June 9th, 2006 at 10:12 am

That's how much time is left on my eBay auction. It's up to $33.55. I was really hoping that it would get to at least $50. There are 10 people watching it, so maybe there will be a last minute bidding war. Smile

Yesterday, I signed up for Shopper's Advantage through MyPoints. I will get 200 points plus 2 $10 gift cards to Barnes & Noble. I never buy books from a bookstore (I usually get check out from the library or buy at the thrift store), but I have a good friend who does. She'll be getting these gift cards for her birthday next month. I love these trial memberships!!

I'm going to add that $20 to my challenge. New total for June $68.00.

Grand total so far: $229.68

2 Responses to “20 minutes....”

  1. Thrifty Ray Says:

    and that 20 minutes has passed...how'd it go??????

  2. juligirl Says:

    It made it to $41.00. Not as well as I had hoped, but that's still $41 that I wouldn't have had........ I'm happy with it. Now, I just need to stop being lazy and list some of the other things around the house. Smile

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