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June so far...

June 6th, 2006 at 10:59 am

I thought June was going to be a slow month for me, but it's shaping up to be better than I thought. I used coupons at Bruno's Sunday for $3.00. I had a coupon at Target for a free $10 gift card with a new prescription, which I've already taken advantage of. I also transferred one of my prescriptions to Publix and received a $25 gift card. And, yesterday, I received one of the $10 gas rebates from AutoAdvantage. My total for the month so far is $48.

I've been doing some thinking about my Challenge money. I've been keeping it separate from all other money by putting it in a separate savings account. My banks makes it easy for me to make transfers to it whenever I need to. I've decided that since my DH and I already have an 'emergency fund' set up, I am going to use my challenge money to help pay off some debt. I'm still going to keep it separate, and then transfer it at the end of the month to checking. This way, it can be quantified easily and I can pay off some things sooner. I'm going to do it this way for 3 months and then re-evaluate my situation.

My outstanding items are: $1 from ebookdrop.com (???), $4.49 Walgreens rebate, $50.00 Bank of America bonus.

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